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Women in Cyber Scotland are having a special event for Cyber Scotland Week 2022.

This session will explore true female representation in cyber, led by women sharing their lived experiences and expertise.

Hosted by Ciara Mitchell (ScotlandIS), Emily Beeney (Morgan Stanley), Rebecca Blair (Accenture) and Cheryl Torano (Abertay University: cyberQuarter).

Nicola Cooper (Virgin Money UK) will chair a panel of women sharing their lived experiences and expertise, covering subjects such as gender discrimination, mental health, female empowerment, and the need for accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and neurodiversity in the sector.

Panellists include Kelly Morris (Clearview Intelligence), Dr Tayabba Nafees (CyberShell Solutions), Fiona Kinsler (Sapphire) and Dr Anna Vartapetiance (Securium).

Panellists will discuss for 30 minutes; followed by a spotlight talk by Suzie McGinness (an ethical hacking student at Abertay University) for 15 minutes and a live Q&A.


Kelly Morris has 25 years of experience in public and private sector roles across industries including justice, transportation, defence, energy and utilities, aviation and aerospace. She is currently Head of Client Strategy and Sustainability at Clearview Intelligence – a data technology company specialising in smart mobility solutions.

Kelly is a passionate advocate for underrepresented groups in tech, with a particular focus on neurodiversity, women, and young people from low-income backgrounds.

Dr Tayyaba Nafees is a pioneer female entrepreneur in cybersecurity addressing global issues related to the prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks in software systems.

She is an active member of the UK-tech community with an award of Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)- Enterprise Fellowship 2018-2019, PhD in Ethical Hacking and 6 Years’ experience in Secure Application Development. She won ACM W Europe Celebration of Women in Computing 2016, AccelerateHER Awards 2020 finalist and Startup Summit 2020 semi-finalist. Her passion for secure application development leads her to build a technology start-up company, CyberShell Solutions Ltd.

CyberShell Solutions is a unique artificial intelligence-based SaaS platform that detects software vulnerabilities and helps the DevOps team in the speedy development of hacked proof systems.

Fiona Kinsler is a Business Development Manager with over 30 years in Information Technology and Cyber Security. At Sapphire, Fiona works with Security Teams and CISO’s to help mitigate cyber risk.

Dr Anna Vartapetiance is CEO and Co-Founder of Securium, a multi-award winning cyber intelligence company providing online safety technologies to protect vulnerable businesses and individuals, especially children, from online harm such as grooming, exploitation, and radicalisation.

She is also Director of Online Safety Tech Industrial Association (OSTIA), Committee member of Specialised Ethics group at British Computer Society (BCS) and Visiting Researcher at the University of Surrey’s Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS).

Anna is passionate about advocating for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and encouraging more women to Entrepreneurship/innovation and STEMS.

Suzie McGiness is in Year 2 of Abertay’s Ethical Hacking course, is a mature student and works as an ethical hacker at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. She has a business degree but decided to retrain in cyber security as she has a keen interest in digital forensics and cyber-crime.